We have expertise in the following areas:

Team Performance

  • Data gathering to build team specific and player specific data bases
  • In depth and team-specific analysis of official statistics to provide a comprehensive analysis of team and individual performance and to determine marginal productivities and as well team efficiency in achieving outcomes
  • What-if scenarios, whereby the likely and potential outcomes of changes to team composition and strategies are statistically modelled. ( For example, the impact on scoring potential a 30 % reduction in penalties
  • Player valuations. Including present value calculations of player value to the team in an on the field and marketing sense.

Financial Performance

  • Individual and Comparative rates of return on assets compared to teams in same sport, different sports, national and international benchmarks
  • Evaluation of Sponsorship arrangements
  • Evaluation of media arrangements
  • Optimisation of budgets and salary caps

Marketing Performance

  • Evaluation of marketing performance
  • Sensitivity of market to price and other competitions from same sport teams; other sports; other forms of entertainment
  • Evaluation of potential marketing strategies