The SPI, developed and owned by Sports Analytics, is an advanced analytical tool that efficiently and reliably assesses sponsorship performance to better inform sponsorship investment and negotiation decisions. The SPI not only measures past performance, but has the Sensitivity Engine to allow you to develop a range of models to see how your sponsorship can perform better. This flexibility and future-modelling capacity is unique to the SPI.

The SPI is complementary to, and can be used in conjunction with, other sponsorship measurement tools.

The SPI can be used for analysis of any type of sponsorship and has modules to allow analysis pre, during and post activity.

For Sponsors, the SPI highlights the performance of the individual elements of the sponsorship / marketing mix. Sponsors then have an objective, evidence-based analysis to use to decide where improvements can be made so they can maximise value.

Rights-Holders want to see sponsors achieve the best possible outcome so they can competitively price renewals and upgrades. The SPI will allow Rights-Holders to fine-tune their offer to present the best possible deal.

Access to the SPI is by subscription only. Please contact Brian Clinton on +61 414 183 130 or at brian@sportsanalytics.com.au to discuss further.